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Running a business without a good business identity is like working in the dark. You may know what you’re doing - but does your customer? Pinkston Design & Art provides professional design and illustration services to help you tell your potential customers who you are and what you do.

I’m Tim Pinkston, of Pinkston Design & Art. I have provided award-winning graphic design and illustration for more than 25 years to companies like Disney and Nike.  In addition, I am an illustrator, working in a variety of media to produce cartoons, graphics and illustrations of diverse subjects, specializing in wildlife.

Check out my portfolios by clicking the links above the images below - there's one for design and one for illustration. Then give me a call at 660-422-2187, or email tim@pinkstondesignart.com. We'll work together to get you whatever you have in mind.

         Pinkston Design & Art. Award-winning graphics - made surprisingly                   affordable.

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PINKSTON Design & Art. Award-winning graphics - made surprisingly affordable.